The surprising sources of oil's influence

20 décembre 2012

The surprising sources of oil's influence / Blake Clayton & Michael Levi. Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, Vol. 54, Issue 6, 2012, pp. 107-122

Connections between the oil trade and international politics have declined in recent decades, but there is no reason to assume that these changes are permanent...



Should countries care about where they and others buy their oil from? The answer has wide ranging consequences for public policy. As Middle Eastern oil exports to Asia rise while shipments to the United States and Europe fall, analysts are asking whether this trade shift will carry geopolitical consequences, drawing China politically closer to the Middle East while driving the West further away...

Policymakers, analysts, and pundits regularly argue over whether countries should care about who they buy their oil from. Economist usually insist that, because markets are flexible, the precise patterns of oil trade don’t matter. Security strategists often insist that they must...


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