Energy for a Shared Development Agenda: Global Scenarios and Governance Implications

Energy for a shared development agenda: Global scenarios and governance implications / Måns Nilsson, Charles Heaps, Åsa Persson, Marcus Carson, Shonali Pachauri, Marcel Kok, Marie Olsson, Ibrahim Rehman, Roberto Schaeffer, Davida Wood, Detlef van Vuuren, Keywan Riahi, Branca Americano, and Yacob Mulugetta. Stockholm Environment Institute, June 2012, 150 p.

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This report combines a global assessment of energy scenarios up to 2050, case studies of energy access and low-carbon efforts around the world, and a review of the technological shifts, investments, policies and governance structures needed to bring energy to all… read more

–> Présentation du rapport sur le site de l’IISD (copyright © IISD)

The report presents three scenarios of energy systems change for the period 2009 to 2050, which include a business-as-usual scenario, a scenario in which only energy poverty is addressed, and one in which sustainable income growth is also included. The report finds that to meet energy needs for economic development while respecting environmental constraints, a massive transformation of socio-technical systems is needed, and provides case studies of barriers and opportunities of such change in basic energy access, low carbon energy supply, and energy efficiency… lire la suite

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