Challenges and solutions for climate change

Challenges and solutions for climate change / Wytze van der Gaast, JIN, the Netherlands & Katherine Begg, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Springer, 2012 ISBN 978-1-84996-398-5

Wytze van der Gaast and Katie Begg present the book :

In the book, we explain how climate change and sustainable development have increasingly become interlinked and how this leads to the following five challenges:

1. To place climate negotiations in the wider context of sustainability, equity and social change so that development benefits can be maximized at the same time as decreasing GHG emissions.

2. To select technologies or measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation based on countries’ sustainable development and climate goals.

3. To create low GHG emission and climate resilient strategies and action plans in order to accelerate innovation for sustainable development and climate goals on the scale and timescale required within countries.

4. To rationalize the current directions in international climate policy making in order to provide coherent and efficient support to developing countries in devising and implementing strategies and action plans for low emission technology transfers to deliver climate and sustainable development goals.

5. To facilitate development of an international framework for financial resources in order to support technology development and transfer, improve enabling environments for innovation, address equity issues such as poor people’s energy access, and make implementation of activities possible at the desired scale within the country.

(© Wytze van der Gaast and Katie Begg)

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