Strengthening global climate change negotiations

Strengthening global climate change negotiations: improving the efficiency of the UNFCCC process / Antto Vihma and Kati Kulovesi. Nordic Council of Ministers, Aug. 2012, 27 p. ISBN 978-92-893-2396-3 (Nordic Working Papers 2012:902)

This Nordic Council of Ministers working paper  addresses the state-of-play in the UNFCCC negotiations. It identifies some of the main problems and develops concrete proposals to enhance the effectiveness of the climate regime. The paper focuses on three main clusters of procedural issues: organization of the work; institutions exercising oversight of the negotiation process; and the decision-making of the COP. Inputs from outside the regime are also briefly addressed and the overall goal is to explore the possibilities to strengthen the global climate change negotiations by improving the efficiency of the negotiations process under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The paper was commissioned by The Nordic Working Group for Global Climate Negotiations (NOAK) for a workshop “Strengthening the Global Climate Change Negotiations” that took place at the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April 2012. It has subsequently been updated to reflect discussions at the workshop. (© Michael Funch, Nordic Council)


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