Megatrends in global interaction

Megatrends in global interaction. Bertelsmann Foundation (ed.), 2012, 268 p., paperback, ISBN 978-3-86793-434-3, 30,00 €

Contents :

  • Introduction / Michael Mandelbaum
  • Demographics and Migration / Jack A. Goldstone
  • Global Security / Benjamin Wittes
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change / Wolfgang Cramer, Katrin Vohland
  • Energy and Natural Resources / Stephen P. A. Brown, Joel Darmstadter
  • Economic Globalization / Scott Barrett
  • Global Governance / Bruce D. Jones, with Andrew Hart
  • Conclusion / Michael Mandelbaum

We inhabit an increasingly interconnected world, yet too often policymakers and advisors view each issue in a vacuum, focusing primarily on short-term impacts. All of us – policymakers, citizens, and local and global communities – must begin to consider how the major trends that shape our world are likely to develop, and how they will intersect and influence one another. This volume is designed to explore and discuss correlations between these global trends, or megatrends: Global Governance, Demographic Change and Migration, Energy and Natural Resources, Global Security, Biodiversity, and Economic Globalization. The book’s primary focus is to provide a qualitative overview of the trends, and to analyze their intersections and interdependencies in the 21st century. The authors hope it will help define some of the complex challenges and exciting opportunities to shaping a world of sustainable economies and societies. (© Bertelsmann Foundation)

–> A ce propos :

Using gas to generate electricity will mitigate emissions / Peter C. Bishop,, November 6, 2012

(…) The study reviews the long-term future of six sectors – global governance, demographic change and migration, energy and natural resources, global security, biodiversity and economic globalization – as well as the interaction of each sector with each other, and with the broader population and its future. As a Tier 1 university with a strong energy tradition, UH has chosen to focus on the future of energy and natural resources based on the chapter written by Dr. Stephen Brown, professor of economics at the University of Nevada, and Joel Darmstadter, senior fellow at Resources for the Future…

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