Sustainable transport in France

Sustainable transport in France :  is a 75% reduction in co2 emissions attainable ? / Lopez-Ruiz Hector G., Lopez-Ruiz Hector G., Crozet Yves. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2163 / 2010 (2010), pp. 124-132

Today, numerous works conclude that transport seems to be completely coupled to economic and export/import growth. Therefore, as a direct consequence of economic development transport sits today as one of the major final energy consumers and one of the most important sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, this situation of continuous increase in transport clearly pose an environmental problem. In this paper we propose to asses a certain number of possible solutions through scenario building in a backcasting manner using the TILT (Transport Issues in the Long Term) model. In particular, we evaluate three different scenarios that address how technology and different public policies can contribute towards a sharp reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we propose an estimation of infrastructure investment needs as well as insight on how transport budgets (time and monetary) could evolve in each of the three scenarios presented… (© auteurs)

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