Doubling the global share of renewable energy. A Roadmap to 2030

Doubling the global share of renewable energy. A Roadmap to 2030. Abu Dhabi : IRENA, 2013, 60 p.

This working paper has been released during the 3rd annual IRENA Assembly in Abu Dhabi. It outlines the proposed process, and progress to date, of REMAP 2030 – IRENA’s global roadmap for policies and actions to double the share of renewable energy by 2030.

REMAP 2030, in line with the UN Secretary-General’s “Sustainable Energy for All” (SE4ALL) initiative, invites experts and policy makers from across the globe to assess the challenges and opportunities in achieving that goal, and to identify the policies and activities necessary to meet SE4ALL targets. IRENA’s initial analysis suggests that increasing the share of renewable energy to 30% of the global energy mix is achievable and would reap a wide range of benefits. Preliminary findings suggest that, if progress continues at the current pace, RE will account for 21% of the global energy mix in 2030, leaving a gap of 9%. This presents a significant challenge that requires action at all levels.

To close this gap, REMAP will recommend action at the regional and interregional level and in different sectors, and national experts will identify, evaluate, and prioritise new areas of action in electricity generation, industry, buildings, and transport for their own countries. REMAP 2030 will be a live document, to be monitored and updated to reflect changes and highlight new opportunities for accelerating the deployment of renewables. (© IRENA)

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