Climate change politics: communication and public engagement

Climate change politics: communication and public engagement / Anabela Carvalho and Tarla Rai Peterson, Eds. Cambria Press, November 2012, 396 p. ISBN 9781604978230

This book examines communication as a key component of climate change politics and shows how climate change communication has the potential to invigorate civic politics. It analyzes how citizens represent, construct, and circulate ideas about climate change and how these practices relate to decisions and public policies, as well as to political identities. Contributing authors explore how changes in the ways information is produced and consumed have contributed to new spaces for political engagement. They analyze a range of semiotic resources and practices within which the meanings of climate change are negotiated, including artistic expression ranging from installations to cinema, web-based spaces, and other alternative media. Individual chapters focus on public engagement through social marketing, public participation and agonistic politics and look at a variety of international cases including Canada, China, India, Scotland, Sweden and the USA. Working from the premise that communicative practices provide the basis for broad public engagement, this book examines how the possibilities entailed in that engagement may contribute to a transformation of climate change politics that empowers both individual political subjects and their communities. (© Carvalho)

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