Russia’s energy policies. National, interregional and global levels

Russia’s energy policies. National, interregional and global levels / ed. by Pami Aalto. Edward Elgar, 2012, 288 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 Hardback £75.00 on-line price £67.50029 7

The book explains Russian energy policies, instead of a policy. It portrays a picture with multiple policy drivers, including institutional, regional and federal, environmental and commercial. The study markedly improves our understanding of the multifaceted nature of Russian energy policy, a topical and complex issue. This is a highly commendable book that should be included in the reading lists of anyone with an interest in the role of energy in Russia’s political economy or energy matters more generally. (© Kim Talus, University College London, Australia)

Contents :

  • Part I: A new approach to russia’s energy policy

1. Introduction / Pami Aalto
2. How Are Russian Energy Policies Formulated? Linking the Actors and Structures of Energy Policy / Pami Aalto, David Dusseault, Markku Kivinen and Michael D. Kennedy

  • Part II: The national level

3. Public and Business Actors in Russia’s Energy Policy  / Markku Kivinen
4. Russia’s East and the Search for a New El Dorado: A Comparative Analysis of Russia’s Kovytka, Sakhalin-2 and Chaiadinskoe Greenfield Projects  / David Dusseault
5. Environmental Sustainability of Russia’s Energy Policies  / Nina Tynkkynen and Pami Aalto

  • Part III: The interregional level

6. Russian Foreign Policy and Energy: The Case of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline  / Hanna Smith
7. Russia’s Central and Eastern European Energy Transit Corridor: Ukraine and Belarus / Margarita M. Balmaceda
8. Russia’s Energy Policy in the Far East and East Siberia  / Shinichiro Tabata and Xu Liu

  • Part IV: The global level: russian energy in a wider perspective

9. ‘They Went East, They Went West…’: The Global Expansion of Russian Oil Companies / Nina Poussenkova
10. Russian Energy Dilemmas: Energy Security, Globalization and Climate Change  / Michael Bradshaw
11. Conclusion: Learning About Russian Energy Policies  / Pami Aalto


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