Energy+ : Opportunities, Challenges and Options

Energy+ :  Opportunities, Challenges and Options / David Reed and Pablo Gutman. Government of Norway. Technical Working Group on the International Architecture for Climate Finance, March 2011, 47 p.

This study was prepared at the request of the Government of Norway (GoN) to support its new climate finance initiative, Energy+.  The purpose of that new endeavor is to expand use of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures to increase energy access in the least developed countries and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries.

The GoN asked that this background study respond to a number of important considerations that have shaped both the analysis and the accompanying recommendations. Specifically, their mandate requested that recommendations for Energy+ should :

– Have a systemic impact, that is, a transformative influence on the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in developing countries ;

– Contribute to building an effective international architecture for climate finance involving new partnerships with country governments, contributing countries, the private sector and civil society ;

– Build on the successes and lessons drawn from the GoN’s International Climate and Forest Initiative supporting REDD+ ;

– Further develop concepts of the three-phase approach for transforming high GHG emitting economic sectors and the climate registry approach.

(copyright © David Reed & Pablo Gutman)

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