Trade and the environment

Trade and the environment. Special issue of World Economy, March 2013

Contents :

  1. Trade and the Environment: Introduction to the Special Issue / Peter H. Egger
  2. Subglobal Climate Agreements and Energy-intensive Activities: An Evaluation of Carbon Leakage in the Copper Industry / Bruno Lanz, Thomas F. Rutherford and John E. Tilton
  3. Trade and Climate Policies: Do Emissions from International Transport Matter? / Frank Vöhringer, Jean-Marie Grether and Nicole A. Mathys
  4. Estimating the Effects of Kyoto on Bilateral Trade Flows Using Matching Econometrics / Rahel Aichele and Gabriel Felbermayr
  5. Impacts of Trade and the Environment on Clustered Multilateral Environmental Agreements / Peter H. Egger, Christoph Jessberger and Mario Larch
  6. Contagious Energy Prices / Peter H. Egger, Michaela Kesina and Sergey Nigai

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