Water and climate change in Africa : Challenges and community initiatives in Durban, Maputo and Nairobi

Water and climate change in Africa : Challenges and community initiatives in Durban, Maputo and Nairobi / Patricia E. Perkins. Routledge, April 2013, 130 p. £75.00


Description (© Routledge) :

In the coming decades, countries around the world will face increasingly severe challenges related to global climate change. While the details vary from country to country, the impacts will be especially grave for marginalized people, whose access to food, potable water, and safe shelter may be threatened due to fluctuations in rainfall and temperature, and to extreme weather events. Because weather extremes are the main way that climate change manifests itself, water governance is a crucial aspect of climate change resilience.

Following an overview of the ways climate change is affecting three cities in Africa, Water and Climate Change in Africa: Challenges and Community Initiatives in Durban, Maputo and Nairobi discusses the equity and climate justice implications, and then gives examples of ways in which a range of local community organizations are extending their current activities to address these challenges through innovative new programs and initiatives at the grassroots. This approach has implications for communities worldwide; it is a process of building on existing organizations’ aptitudes and strengths in the light of local knowledge of climate challenges, and creating partnerships to build equity-enhancing new methods of protecting people’s subsistence.

Contents :

  1. Introduction: The Importance of Community-based Organizations for Equitable Water Governance in times of Climate Change Patricia E. Perkins
  2. Economic, Ecological and Climate Justice – Literacy and Politics Wahu Kaara
  3. Climate, Gender and Class Justice in Africa Patrick Bond
  4. Kilimanjaro Initiative: Working with Youth in Nairobi Sadique Bilal Issa
  5. Climate change in South Durban, South Africa Lushendrie Naidu
  6. Bringing Together Community and Academic Knowledge: The Eduardo Mondlane University Faculty of Education Environmental Education Club Eugenia Cossa
  7. Community River Restoration in South Africa Simphiwe Nojiyeza
  8. Gender and Climate Change in Mozambique Saquina Mucavele
  9. Can You Educate Hungry People? Erika Mendes and Tiago Esmael
  10. A Hot Climate for Civil Society Engagement with Climate Change and Water in eThekwini (Durban) Mary Galvin
  11. Planning and Climate Change in Nairobi Romanus Opiyo
  12. Climate Vulnerability and Resilience in Local Communities Elizabeth Lorimer
  13. Durban, Climate Change, and Socio-political Transformation Rehana Dada
  14. Conclusion: Developing Community-based Responses to Climate Change Patricia E.Perkins and Patricia Figueiredo Walker

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