The critical decade: Global action building on climate change

The critical decade: Global action building on climate change / Tim Flannery, Gerry Hueston and Roger Beale. Climate Commission, Australia, April 2013, 40 p. 

The report presents an overview of progress in international action on climate change since August 2012, with a particular focus on China and the US. The report also considers progress in Australia, as it is one of the 20 countries contributing most of the world’s emissions. Since the Climate Commission’s international report in August 2012 (The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change), there has been significant progress in many countries across the globe… Read more about the report

Key Findings (© Climate Commission) :

  1. The energy giants China and the United States are accelerating action
  2. China’s efforts demonstrate accelerating global leadership in tackling climate change
  3. The United States has made a new commitment to lead
  4. Global momentum to tackle climate change is growing. Every major economy is tackling climate change, setting in place policies to drive down emissions and increase investment and capacity of renewable energy
  5. Australia is a major player and is important in shaping the global response to climate change
  6. This is the critical decade for action



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