Abundant, carbon free new energy technologies

Abundant, carbon free new energy technologies – can we turn wishful thinking into reality? / Matthias Honegger & Sonja Butzengeiger, Hamburg / Zurich : perspectives Climate Change, May 2013, 17 p.


Presentation (© Sonja Butzengeiger) :

Both technical and political efforts of the past years to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions have not been sufficient to prevent dangerous climate change, and chances for international agreements on ambitious emissions targets are slim. In its new report “Abundant, carbon free new energy technologies – can we turn wishful thinking into reality?”, Perspectives looks into the question if breakthroughs in innovative energy technology development such as cold fusion or other low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) may contribute to solving the problem.

We recap past achievements and failures, take stock of the current status quo and suggest steps how to further explore such technologies. More concrete, we suggest creating a dedicated research program – the New Energy Technology Research Program (NET-RP) – under the umbrella of the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This could solve both financial and reputational challenges that niche energy technology researchers face today, provide a good basis for generating a truly global public good, and make sure that technology breakthroughs can be properly integrated into the UNFCCC process.

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