Pricing carbon when we don’t know the right price

Pricing carbon when we don’t know the right price : despite the unknowns, we should begin to tax carbon / Robert S. Pindyck. Regulation, Summer 2013, pp. 43-46.

There is almost no disagreement among economists that the true cost to society of burning a ton of carbon is greater than its private cost. Burning carbon produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) that accumulate in the atmosphere…

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Setting a Carbon Price: What’s Known, What’s Not / Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist, 25/06/2013

A number of scientists believe that rising levels of carbon dioxide are likely to lead to climate change. Maybe they are incorrect! But prudence suggests that when enough warning sirens are going off, you should at least start looking at options. In that spirit, I found it useful to consider Robert S. Pindyck essay on Pricing Carbon When We Don’t Know the Right Price, in the Summer 2013 issue of Regulation magazine…

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