Some Posts on Obama’s Climate Change Plan

Reading Between the Lines of Obama’s Climate Change Plan / Michael Levi, Energy, security and climate, 25/06/2013

Anyone who reads a newspaper has probably heard about President Obama’s climate change speech today and seen more than enough commentary on its highlights. Instead of piling on, I thought it would be enlightening to reflect on five things that are buried in the plan released alongside the speech but could have important consequences…

Obama’s Climate Action Strategy / Nathan Hultman, Brookings, 25/06/2013

President Obama today released his long-awaited climate action strategy. This strategy addresses three elements of U.S. climate policy: domestic actions to reduce pollution leading to climate change; investments in U.S. physical infrastructure and institutions to improve resilience to extreme weather and climate hazards; and increased engagement with the international community in a global approach to reduce the impacts of climate change…

President Obama’s Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution / Charles K binger, Brookings, 25/06/2013

President Obama’s “all of the above energy policy” now lies in tatters. Despite the fact that nuclear and coal-fired plants account for nearly 60% of domestic electricity production, both now seem forgotten (Remember the much heralded Blue Ribbon Commission?) or relegated to diminishing roles in our national debate…

Obama tries the kitchen-sink approach to global warming / Brad Plumer, Wonkblog, Washington Post, 25/06/2013

The week after he won the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama addressed a group of governors and officials in Los Angeles, assuring them that global warming would be a top priority for his presidency. “Now is the time to confront this challenge once and for all,” he said. “Delay is not an option.”..

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