The Water in a Cup of Tea – a Water and Energy Primer

The Water in a Cup of Tea – a Water and Energy Primer / William C. Ramsay, IFRI Edito Energie, 29 mars 2011

Ever give a thought to how much water there is in your cup of tea?  I know the volume in the cup is about 8 ounces – but it is hot – hopefully around 100 degrees Celsius or 212 Farenheit.  So you had to heat it up one way or another to make tea.
If you put your kettle on a gas stove, you probably heated three times as much water as you needed with gas that heated the kettle but also sent a lot of its heat around the kettle.  The gas you used could have come from lots of places – but if it comes from this new shale gas everyone is talking about, millions of gallons of water were used to allow gas production from the shale rock in addition to the water used drilling the gas wells in the first place.  Some of that water may be reused, but much of it is lost in the ground…

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