Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications

Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications / Dincer, Ibrahim, Zamfirescu, Calin , Springer, 1st Edition., 2011, X, 590 p. 100 illus., Hardcover , ISBN: 978-0-387-95860-6  Due: April 29, 2011

About this textbook : (© Springer)

Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications presents analyses of sustainable energy systems and their applications, providing new understandings, methodologies, models and applications along with descriptions of several illustrative examples and case studies. This textbook aims to address key pillars in the field, such as: better efficiency, cost effectiveness, use of energy resources, environment, energy security, and sustainable development. It also includes some cutting-edge topics, such as hydrogen and fuel cells, renewable, clean combustion technologies, CO2 abatement technologies, and some potential tools for design, analysis and performance improvement. The book also:

  • Discusses producing energy by increasing systems efficiency in generation, conversion, transportation and consumption
  • Analyzes the conversion of fossil fuels to clean fuels for limiting  pollution and creating a better environment

Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications is a research-based textbook which can be used by senior undergraduate and graduate students, engineers, practitioners, scientists, and researchers in the area of sustainable energy systems.

Content Level » Graduate

Keywords » chemical devices – clean combustion technologies – direct energy conversion – district energy systems – industrial ecology – nuclear energy – sustainable process design – thermal devices – thermodynamic fundamentals

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