Cancun Technology Breakthrough Should Deal with a Fatal Flaw Within

Cancun Technology Breakthrough Should Deal with a Fatal Flaw Within / Dr Promode Kant. Institute of Green Economy (IGREC), New Delhi, Jan. 2011, 7 p.

Access to technology for dealing with the consequences of climate change, and for taking a low emission path for development, is of core concern to the developing countries but has seen little concrete action over the last two decades. The claimed achievements under CDM in transferring technologies to the South are, at best, exaggerations. The Cancun Climate Conference has now agreed on the setting up of a technology executive committee (TEC), climate technology centre and  network (CTCN) and a supporting financial mechanism. The TEC has been constituted on the pattern of the CDM Executive Board with a six monthly rotational leadership among its 20 expert members. Such a brief preset leadership, claimed as a matter of right among its nominated members, and expected to work through consensus, is likely to provide good managerial skills and produce tools of  guidance for assessing technology transfer needs, useful rules of transactions and glossaries of technical terms but may not be able to achieve the  intended. A transformational leadership, and a  sufficiently long period, is required to address such an intractable problem as technology transfer from North to South has proved to be. The main attributes of a TEC leader should be fashioning a clear vision and the ability to create a path to that distant vision, fathoming depths of obstacles, and motivating a large number of countries, institutions and individuals to walk on that uncertain path.  Consensus should be attempted but not made mandatory as it would restrict transfer benefits to those technologies that cost the least. The critical task is to find a leader with proven credentials and give  her the mandate, time and the tools. (© Kant)

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