Nuclear energy today

Nuclear energy today (Second Edition). Paris : OECD, Nuclear Energy Agency, 23 Sept. 2013, 112 p.

Abstract (© OECD) :

Meeting the growing demand for energy, and electricity in particular, while addressing the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure security of energy supply, is one of the most difficult challenges facing the world’s economies. No single technology can respond to this challenge, and the solution which policy-makers are seeking lies in the diversification of energy sources.

Although nuclear energy currently provides over 20% of electricity in the OECD area and does not emit any carbon dioxide during production, it continues to be seen by many as a controversial technology. Public concern remains over its safety and the management of radioactive waste, and financing such a capital-intensive technology is a complex issue. The role that nuclear power will play in the future depends on the answers to these questions, several of which are provided in this up-to-date review of the status of nuclear energy, as well as on the outcome of research and development on the nuclear fuel cycle and reactor technologies.

Contents :

Chapter 1. Overview of Nuclear Energy Today

Chapter 2. Basic Principles of Nuclear Energy

  • Introduction to nuclear physics and nuclear fission
  • Main components of nuclear reactors
  • Reactor technologies and types
  • Generation III/III+, Generation IV and other reactor concepts
  • Nuclear fusion: a potential energy source

Chapter 3. The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • The front end: preparing fuel for the reactor
  • The back end: options for managing spent fuel
  • Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Chapter 4. Nuclear Safety

  • Technical aspects of nuclear safety
  • Safety assessments
  • Organisational and human factors, safety culture
  • Learning from operating experience

Chapter 5. Radiation and Radiological Protection

  • Scientific and medical background
  • The radiological protection system

Chapter 6. Management of Radioactive Waste

  • Types of radioactive waste
  • Waste management principles and practice
  • Geological disposal of long-lived waste
  • Transport orf radioactive materials
  • Societal and policy considerations

Chapter 7. Nuclear Law and Non-proliferation

  • The legal framework of nuclear energy
  • The non-proliferation regime

Chapter 8. The Economics and Financing of Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear generating costs and investment risks
  • Comparison with other sources of electricity

Chapter 9. The Future of Nuclear Energy

  • World energy demand and security of supply
  • Energy use and climate change
  • The future role of nuclear power
  • Developing nuclear technology for the future
  • Additional uses for nuclear energy, present and future


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