International coordination on climate policies

International coordination on climate policies. Special section inthe Journal of environmental economics and management, vol 66 n°2 september 2013

Contents :

  • International coordination on climate policies / Michael Finus, Christos Kotsogiannis, Steve McCorriston
  • Climate and international trade policies when emissions affect production possibilities / Christos Kotsogiannis, Alan Woodland
  • Flattening the carbon extraction path in unilateral cost-effective action / Thomas Eichner, Rudiger Pethig
  • Strategic climate policy with offsets and incomplete abatement: carbon taxes versus cap-and-trade / Jon Strand
  • Political influence on non-cooperative international climate policy / Wolfgang Habla, Ralph Winkler
  • Climate treaties and approaching catastrophes / Scott Barrett 235
  • Build it, but will they come? evidence from consumer choice between gasoline and sugarcane ethanol / Alberto Salvo, Cristian Huse
  • Fuel prices and new vehicle fuel economy—comparing the United States and western Europe / Thomas Klier, Joshua Linn
  • Intergenerational aspects of ecotax reforms – an application to Germany / Wolfgang Habla, Kerstin Roeder
  • Intertemporal links in cap-and-trade schemes / Aurélie Slechten
  • Environmental policy with collective waste disposal / Stephen F. Hamilton, Thomas W. Sproul, David Sunding, David Zilberman
  • Re-evaluating the role of energy efficiency standards: a behavioral economics approach / Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Kathleen Segerson
  • The regulation of a spatially heterogeneous externality: tradable groundwater permits to protect streams / Yusuke Kuwayama, Nicholas Brozovic

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