Building resilience : integrating climate and disaster risk into development

Building resilience : integrating climate and disaster risk into development – the World Bank Group experience. Main report / Habiba Gitay, Sofia Bettencourt, Daniel Kull, Robert Reid,Kevin McCall, Alanna Simpson, Jarl Krausing, Jane Ebinger, Francis Ghesquiere, Marianne Fay. Washington DC : World Bank, Nov. 2013, 58 p.

World Bank’s abstract :

This report presents the World Bank Group’s experience in climate and disaster resilient development and contends that it is essential to eliminate extreme poverty and achieve shared prosperity by 2030. The report argues for closer collaboration between the climate resilience and disaster risk management communities through the incorporation of climate and disaster resilience into broader development processes. Selected case studies are used to illustrate promising approaches, lessons learned, and remaining challenges all in contribution to the loss and damage discussions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)… read more

–> About the report :

Countries must invest in meteorology, report warns, Water 21, 27/11/2013

Countries need to invest in well-equipped and staffed meteorological and hydrological agencies to better prepare for natural hazards, a new World Bank Group report has found.This could save an average of 23,000 lives a year and provide up to $30 billion a year in economic benefits, the study adds. Rachel Kyte, the World Bank’s vice president for sustainable development, said: ‘There is a lot we can – and must – do to reduce the impact of disasters. We know, for example, that every dollar we spend on early warning saves up to $35 in disaster response…


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