The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2013

The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2013. World economic forum, December 2013, 104 p.

Preface (© Roberto Bocca) :

The World Economic Forum and Accenture are pleased to present the second edition of this report examining the factors for an effective global transition to a new energy architecture. The transition debate is framed through the results of the Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI) – a tool designed to help countries monitor and benchmark the progress of their transition against a series of indicators. This report, similarly to its earlier edition, looks at what a new energy architecture might look like and how best-in-class enabling environments have already helped some high-ranking countries begin their transitions to more efficient energy architectures. The different demands of countries’ individual energy architectures – the sometimes competing goals of economic growth and development,environmental sustainability, and energy access and security – form the crux of the index and this analysis.
This year’s report also looks at transition pathways and challenges faced by regions and economic clusters, underlining the effect of cross-national factors such as geographic location, regional geology and stage of economic development on a country’s energy system (…)

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La France, championne du monde de l’énergie verte (si, si!), la Tribune, 12/12/2013

Le système énergétique qui garantirait le mieux le respect de l’environnement est… français. C’est le Forum économique mondial qui l’affirme…

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