An assessment of Incentive Regulation in electricity networks : The story so far

An assessment of Incentive Regulation in electricity networks : The story so far / Haikel Khalfallah. Grenoble : PACTE-EDDEN, December 2013, 25 p. (Cahier de recherche EDDEN n° 9/2013)

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Abstract :
Network regulation is playing an active role in a context of restructuring energy systems for long term transition to a smart grid. Regulation of network companies’ activities should consider both cost efficiency objectives and other objectives such as quality and network innovation. It is in this context that incentive regulation tools are discussed and assessed in this paper. The aim is to show their key features and how they could be aligned with the main regulation goals. This paper concludes that they should be considered as complementary tools to address conflicting regulatory aspects in an efficient manner.

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