The Climate Technology Mechanism: Issues and Challenges

The Climate Technology Mechanism: Issues and Challenges. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), March 2011, 16 p. (Information Note N° 18)

The agreement to establish a Technology Mechanism is one of the concrete outcomes of the Cancun climate change conference (2010) that requires a closer look. The main goal of the Mechanism is to enhance action for technology development and transfer, particularly to developing countries, in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is premised on the recognition that the large-scale deployment and diffusion of these technologies is pivotal to worldwide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
However, the Mechanism faces many challenges before it can become operational. For instance, it is not clear how well resourced it will be. In addition, many of its functions need to be further — fleshed out — and a number of institutional issues such as the relationship between its two main components — the Technology Executive Committee and the Climate Technology Centre and Network — still need to be agreed. The objective of this publication is to shed some light on the main features and functions of the Technology Mechanism and on some of these challenges. (© )

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