Renewable energy prospects : United States of America

Renewable energy prospects : United States of America / Dolf Gielen, Deger Saygin and Nicholas Wagner. IRENA , January 2015, 120 p.

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The report shows that the United States can increase the use of renewable energy in its energy mix from 7.5 per cent in 2010 to 27 per cent by 2030 – and in the power sector alone to almost 50%. It shows that in order to reach this mark an annual investment of USD 86 billion between today and 2030 in renewable technologies is required – an increase of USD 38 billion beyond a business-as-usual. The report also finds that higher deployment of renewables will result in annual savings of USD 30-140 billion by 2030 when accounting for benefits resulting from reduced health effects and CO2 emissions.

This report is part of IRENA’s renewable energy roadmap, REmap 2030, which provides a plan to double the share of renewable energy in the world’s energy mix by 2030 and determines the potential for the US and other countries to scale up renewable energy in the energy system, including power, industry, buildings, and the transport sector.

REmap 2030 : a renewable energy roadmap

REmap 2030 provides a plan to double the share of renewable energy in the world’s energy mix between 2010 and 2030. It determines the realistic potential for countries, regions and the world to scale up renewables in order to ensure a sustainable energy future. REmap 2030 is the first study of worldwide renewable energy potential assembled from the bottom up, starting with separate country analyses and then aggregating the results to arrive at global picture.

The roadmap focuses not just on renewable electricity, but also renewable technology options in the end-use sectors of buildings, transport and industry. The analysis encompasses 26 countries representing three-quarters of current energy demand. In determining the potential to scale up renewables, the study not only focuses on technologies, but also on the availability of financing, political will, skills, and the role of planning. (© IRENA)

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