Energy prices and costs in Europe

 Energy prices and costs in Europe. Brussels : European Commission, January 2014, 246 p.

Report’s introduction :

Europe’s energy sector is in the midst of a major transformation. Its gas and electricity sectors are moving from public monopolies into competitive private companies in liberalised markets and electricity generation is being decarbonised, with strong growth of wind and solar power in particular. At the same time, alternative gas supplies are being developed and diversified and the transport sector is becoming more fuel efficient and starting to use cleaner, alternative fuels…
(…) Chapter 1 starts with a review of recent trends in energy prices and breaks down energy prices to explore the trends in separate price drivers (the electricity or gas costs, network and taxation elements of retail prices). The relationship between wholesale and retail prices is examined for gas and electricity markets and the consequences of regulating household and industrial consumer prices is examined.
Chapter 2 looks at the impact and the evolution of energy costs, comparing household and industry costs across time, different industry sectors and Member States, with aggregated data and with case studies.
Chapter 3 provides international comparisons of energy prices and costs, looking at disaggregated prices and comparisons of taxation in particular, and explores the global nature of some hydrocarbon markets compared with the regional markets of natural gas and electricity. Chapter 4 examines the possible macroeconomic and sectoral consequences of ongoing European cost increases…

–> All European Commission’s documents related to Energy and climate goals for 2030 can be found here :

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