Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress: Water Demand by the Numbers

Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress: Water Demand by the Numbers / Monika Freyman. Boston : CERES, February 2014, 85 p.


This Ceres research paper analyzes escalating water demand in hydraulic fracturing operations across the United States and western Canada. It evaluates oil and gas company water use in eight regions with intense shale energy development and the most pronounced water stress challenges. (© CERES)

–> About the report :

– USA: risque de pénuries d’eau à cause du gaz de schiste (étude), AFP, 6/04/2014 http://www.energiesactu.fr/afp/usa-risque-de-penuries-deau-cause-du-gaz-de-schiste-etude-0022119

L’exploitation du gaz de schiste aux Etats-Unis a majoritairement lieu dans des régions déjà confrontées à des “stress hydriques” au risque d’y aggraver les pénuries d’eau, selon une étude du groupement d’organisations Ceres parue mercredi…

– Water Availability a Risk for Oil, Gas Drillers / Neena Satija, The Texas Tribune, February 05, 2014 http://www.ceres.org/press/press-clips/report-water-availability-a-risk-for-oil-gas-drillers

A new national report on hydraulic fracturing and water use suggests that oil and gas companies are at risk of running short on the precious resource — especially in South Texas, where the drilling boom took off just two years ago as a severe drought was taking hold and has not let up…

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