Regulation and Energy Markets : Beyond Failures

Montpellier Energy Conference 2014 : Regulation and Energy Markets : Beyond Failures, ART-Dev & Université de Montpellier 1, 20-21 novembre 2014, Montpellier

Submission of abstracts –>Extended to 20 June 2014

 Presentation :

In a global context of liberalization, the deregulation process aims (i) creating single electricity and gas markets, (ii) letting competition between energy sectors and (iii) providing better access to energy. Such a process must also be implemented in developing countries. But this reform has induced perverse effects both on electricity prices and on environmental issues. Therefore, the goal of this conference is to assess advantages and drawbacks of energy markets deregulation

 We welcome contributions from the following fields :

  • Electricity and Gas Markets in Europe : towards a new design
  • Impact of unconventional resources oil and gas on the market equilibrium
  • Role of intermittent energy
  • Energy and Poverty
  • Energy efficiency and climate change
  • Energy challenges for emerging and developing countries
  • Energy and territory

Scientific Committee :

François Benhmad (Université Montpellier 1), Dorothée Charlier (Université Montpellier 1), Patrick Criqui (CNRS), Patrice Geoffron (Université Paris Dauphine), Thierry Giordano (CIRAD), Christian de Gromard (AFD), Philippe Quirion (CIRED), François Moisan (ADEME), Jacques Percebois (Université Montpellier 1), Francesco Ricci (Université Montpellier 3), Philip Wright (Sheffielf University, Research Associate Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, Observatorio del Caribe Colombiano).

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