Urban energy transitions

Urban energy transitions: Places, processes and politics of socio-technical change. Special issue of Urban Studies, Vol. 51, N° 7, May 2014



Contents :

  1. Urban Energy Transitions: Places, Processes and Politics of Socio-technical Change / Jonathan Rutherford and Olivier Coutard
  2. Local Energy Transition and Multilevel Climate Governance: The Contrasted Experiences of Two Pioneer Cities (Hanover, Germany, and Växjö, Sweden) / Cyria Emelianoff
  3. Urban Energy Policies and the Governance of Multilevel Issues in Cape Town / Sylvy Jaglin
  4. The Interplay of Urban Energy Policy and Socio-technical Transitions: The Eco-cities of Graz and Freiburg in Retrospect / Harald Rohracher and Philipp Späth
  5. Socio-technical Change and the Politics of Urban Infrastructure: Managing Energy in Berlin between Dictatorship and Democracy / Timothy Moss
  6. The Vicissitudes of Energy and Climate Policy in Stockholm: Politics, Materiality and Transition / Jonathan Rutherford
  7. Low-carbon Transitions and the Reconfiguration of Urban Infrastructure / Harriet Bulkeley, Vanesa Castán Broto, and Anne Maassen
  8. Suburbia under an Energy Transition: A Socio-technical Perspective / Jago Dodson
  9. Transnational Transitions: The Diffusion and Integration of Mechanical Cooling / Elizabeth Shove, Gordon Walker, and Sam BrownThe Contested Energy Future of Amman, Jordan: Between Promises of Alternative Energies and a Nuclear Venture / Éric Verdeil

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