Climate Change Impacts in the United States

Climate Change Impacts in the United States : The third national climate assessment / Jerry M. Melillo, Terese (T.C.) Richmond, and Gary W. Yohe, Eds. U.S. Global Change Research Program, May 2014, 841 p. doi:10.7930/J0Z31WJ2

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A 60-person Federal Advisory Committee (The “National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee” or NCADAC) oversaw the development of the draft climate report.  The NCADAC, whose members are available here (and listed in the report), was established under the Department of Commerce in December 2010 and is supported through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It is a federal advisory committee established as per the Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972. The Committee serves to oversee the activities of the National Climate Assessment. Its members are diverse in background, expertise, geography and sector. A formal record of the committee can be found at the NOAA NCADAC website.  A list of the committee’s decisions and actions is available on our NCADAC page… read more

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