Gas and coal competition in the EU Power Sector

Gas and coal competition in the EU Power Sector / Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe. Cedigaz, June 2014

Main findings of the report (© Cedigaz) :

  • Coal is likely to retain its cost advantage into the coming decade
    The relationship between coal, gas and CO2 prices is a key determinant of the competition between gas and coal in the power sector and will remain the main driver of fuel switching…
  • But coal renaissance may still be short-lived
    Regulations on emissions of local pollutants, i.e. the Large Plant Combustion Directive (LCPD) and the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) that will succeed it in 2016, will lead to the retirement of old, inefficient coal-fired power plants…
  • National policies play a key role in the gas vs. coal contest
    National policies and measures/taxes play a fundamental role in shaping coal and gas competition at national level. While environmental constraints favour natural gas, coal has been preferred for its competitiveness and security of supply…
  • Security of power supply will have to be addressed
    The fast expansion of renewable power undermines the profitability of all conventional power plants. But intermittent power still requires an almost one-to-one capacity back-up. A new market design will be needed for thermal power plants with low load factors to make economic sense.

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