Towards a global energy transformation

Towards a global energy transformation / ed. by Bärbel Kofler and Nina Netzer. Wüppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy ; GermanWatch, June 2014, 67 p.

Presentation (© Lukas Hermwille) :

The global energy systems are in a deep crisis. Our dependency on fossil fuels increasingly lead into an environmental impasse. Electricity and heat contribute more than 30 per cent to annual global greenhouse gas emissions and are a key driver of climate change. The central structure of most energy systems is furthermore highly inequitable and benefitting a small minority only. At the same time more than 1.3 billion people do not yet have access to modern energy at all. To tackle these problems, to avoid dangerous climate change it is inevitable that our energy systems are reconfigured in a more sustainable way. An energy transformation of global scale is necessary.

Wuppertal Institute and Germanwatch have prepared a study for Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation to investigate the socio-political preconditions for such energy transformations.

The study presents three promising country cases in which an energy transition has initiated. It further investigates how governance at multiple levels and interaction between these levels can help to promote and enforce a transformative process. Last but not least, the study sheds a light on how energy narratives shape the socio-political debate around scaled-up deployment of renewable energies.

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