Building flexibility and ambition into a 2015 climate agreement

Building flexibility and ambition into a 2015 climate agreement / Daniel Bodansky and Elliot Diringer. Arlington : Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, June 2014, 32 p.

Presentation (© C2ES) :

The report examines options for building both flexibility and ambition into the new international climate change agreement due next year in Paris.

It explores a new “hybrid” approach emerging in the United Nations climate negotiations that would blend top-down and bottom-up elements to achieve both broad participation and strong action.

Noting that parties have already agreed on a central bottom-up element — with the call last year in Warsaw for “intended nationally determined contributions” — the paper outlines a range of potential top-down elements that could help ensure that parties’ contributions are ambitious and strengthen over time. These include a long-term goal as a benchmark for evaluating countries’ efforts, reporting and review procedures to promote transparency and accountability, and provisions for updating or initiating the next round of national contributions.

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