Global Climate Governance Without the US

Global Climate Governance Without the US. Transnational environmental law, vol. 3, n° 1, special issue, avril 2014

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The goal of this special issue is to investigate the legal and political channels for a global climate change “Plan B,” asking how climate change might be addressed assuming a lack of strong leadership or participation by the US or a similarly critical national actor. (© Joana Dafoe)

Contents :

  • Symposium Foreword: ‘Go Ahead Without Us’: Global Climate Change Policy in the Absence of Full Participation / Joanna Dafoe and Douglas A. Kysar
  • Inside the System, Outside the Box: Palau’s Pursuit of Climate Justice and Security at the United Nations / Stuart Beck and Elizabeth Burleson
  • Climate Policy and the United States System of Divided Powers: Dealing with Carbon Leakage and Regulatory Linkage / Daniel A. Farber
  • Strengthening the Transnational Regime Complex for Climate Change / Kenneth W. Abbott
  • Climate Engineering in Global Climate Governance: Implications for Participation and Linkage / Edward A. Parson
  • US Federal Climate Change Law in Obama’s Second Term / Michael B. Gerrard and Shelley Welton


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