Climate change mitigation, technological innovation and adaptation

Climate change mitigation, technological innovation and adaptation. A new perspective on climate policy / ed. by Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Emanuele Massetti, Massimo Tavoni. Edward Elgar, 2014, 224 p. – Hardback 978 1 84980 949 8 ebook isbn 978 1 78347 717 3

Description (© E. Elgar) :

This book presents provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of the main topics in climate change policy using a large body of research generated using WITCH (World Induced Technical Change Hybrid), an innovative and path-breaking integrated assessment model.

The authors give a particular emphasis to the analysis of technological change necessary to build low-carbon economies. The WITCH model can track all of the actions which impact the level of mitigation – such as R&D expenditures, investments in carbon-free technologies and adaptation, purchases of emission permits, or expenditures for carbon taxes – thus allowing for the evaluation of equilibrium responses stimulated by different climate policy tools… read more

Contents :

1. A Climate-Constrained World / Emanuele Massetti
2. Shifting the Boundary: The Role of Innovation / Lea Nicita
3. Getting to Yes / Alessandra Sgobbi
4. Coping with Uncertainty / Massimo Tavoni
5. Climate Policy and the Forestry Sector: The Role of Non-energy Emissions / Valentina Bosetti
6. Adaptation and Mitigation: What is the Optimal Balance? / Enrica De Cian
7. A Focus on the Latest Developments in the Modelling of Mitigation Options / Thomas Longden and Fabio Sferra
8. Conclusions / Emanuele Massetti and Massimo Tavoni
9. Complete List of Publications that Use WITCH

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