Innovative techniques for quantitative scenarios in energy and environmental research.

Call for papers : Innovative Techniques for Quantitative Scenarios in Energy and Environmental Research. Thematic Issue of Environmental Modelling & Software (Elsevier, Impact Factor of 4.538)

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–> Deadline for extended abstracts : 1 December 2014

Scope of this thematic issue :

Quantitative scenarios form the core of the future analysis in energy, climate and environmental research. A growing number of researchers worldwide have started using innovative techniques for developing, analyzing and choosing quantitative scenarios. Some of these techniques involve a large number of scenarios. Different rationales motivate these researchers : better system understanding, uncertainty analysis, development of robust strategies, selection of a small set of scenarios, ability to link storylines with quantitative scenarios. These techniques are tools to provide both novel research insights and policy-relevant scenario exercises. In this light, this TI aims to synthesize the state-of-the-art research with innovative techniques for quantitative scenarios, gather these state-of-the-art techniques into a toolbox, identify knowledge gaps and draw avenues for future research… read more

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