Environmental Aspects of Resource Extraction Contracts

Environmental Aspects of Resource Extraction Contracts / Hanna Krings, RWTH Aachen University. Joint Discussion Paper
Series in Economics n°34-2014, 2014, 29 p.


Author’s abstract :

This paper analyzes resource partnerships and their influence on the environmental quality in a resource-rich country by introducing incomplete contracts, imperfect property rights protection, and a lack of valuation for the environment by the government in the South. Employing numerical simulations, I determine the equilibrium extraction rate, the applied extraction technology, and the environmental quality in dependence of the state of democracy in the resource-rich country. In contrast to what one might expect, under certain circumstances it can be environmentally bene cial to have incomplete contracts that induce the utilization of a suboptimal technology for resource extraction. Further, reducing the holdup problem by shifting bargaining power to the North, is only desirable if the environmental quality increases with a better extraction technology.

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Danièle Revel (2014, 8 octobre). Environmental Aspects of Resource Extraction Contracts. Veille énergie climat. Consulté le 27 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/obaz

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