International energy governance: Selected legal issues

International energy governance: Selected legal issues / Rafael Leal-Arcas, Ehab Abu Gosh & Andrew Filis. Edward Elgar, Jan. 2015, 576 p. – $185.00

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Environmental protection is a field of interstate activity that lacks an overarching universal governance framework that is cohesive. Legal obligations at the interstate level flow from a variety of legal agreements that, taken cumulatively, could be taken to amount to an overarching environmental protection regime, albeit to the extent that its constituent elements apply to their respective disparate sets of members.

There is a plethora of international legal agreements that promote environmental protection to the extent that these bind the parties that have ratified them. As has been the case with the other aspects of energy, there is no universal governance regime in relation to the environmental aspects of energy. A patchwork of regimes and provisions could be understood to amount to a putative global governance regime over the environmental aspects of energy. The level of interstate cooperation to meaningfully govern the interplay between energy and the environment is frightfully poor given that fossil-fuel combustion is responsible for 82% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. The value of global energy consumption is annually somewhere around USD 3 trillion, which amounts to about 7% of global GDP.


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