Innovations in climate policy: The politics of invention, diffusion and evaluation

Innovations in climate policy: The politics of invention, diffusion and evaluation, Environmental Politics, Special Issue, vol.23, n° 5, 2014

Contents :


  • Innovations in climate policy: the politics of invention, diffusion, and evaluation / Andrew Jordan & Dave Huitema


  • Instrument constituencies and the supply side of policy innovation: the social life of emissions trading / Jan-Peter Voß & Arno Simons
  • Policy invention as evolutionary tinkering and codification: the emergence of feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity / David Jacobs
  • Climate policy innovation: a sociotechnical transitions perspective / Paul Upham, Paula Kivimaa, Per Mickwitz & Kerstin Åstrand
  • Kindred spirits or intergovernmental competition? The innovation and diffusion of energy policies in the American states (1990–2008) / Daniel C. Matisoff & Jason Edwards
  • Innovation in climate adaptation policy: are regional partnerships catalysts or talking shops? / Anja Bauer & Reinhard Steurer
  • Evaluation, assessment, and policy innovation: exploring the links in relation to emissions trading /
  • The innovativeness of national policy portfolios – climate policy change in Austria, Germany, and the UK / André Schaffrin, Sebastian Sewerin & Sibylle Seubert
  • Climate policy innovation: developing an evaluation perspective / Mikael Hildén, Andrew Jordan & Tim Rayner
  • Innovations in climate policy: conclusions and new directions / Andrew Jordan & Dave Huitema

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