The First Decade: 2004-2014 : 10 years of renewable energy progress

The First Decade: 2004-2014 : 10 years of renewable energy progress. Paris : REN21, 2014, 48 p.

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The report documents the evolution of renewables since 2004 measuring progress by technology and by region, ending with a look at lessons learnt and offering a vision for the future.

Since 2004, the number of countries promoting renewable energy with direct policy support has nearly tripled, from 48 to over 140, and an ever-increasing number of developing and emerging countries are setting renewable energy targets and enacting support policies. The reports documents the steady increase in the global demand for renewable energy over the past decade, looking at each technology in turn and showing its evolution annually.  Global investment is also tracked as well as the evolution of renewable technology uptake, market and policy development by region.
The report notes that as solar, wind, biomass, and other energy sources gain market share, the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) is becoming an important metric in the decision-making process for building new power generation. Strong policy signals from governments are also needed to ensure that renewables are a central component of national energy supply chains. Scenarios illustrating that by 2050, 65 to 94% of electricity and 30 to 72% of transport are likely to be met by renewables are also presented as possible future developments.

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