The IMACLIM-P Model. Version 3.4

The IMACLIM-P Model. Version 3.4 / Frédéric Ghersi. Paris : Cired, Dec. 2014, 42 p. (DT/WP No 2014-57)

Résumé (© Cired) :

The IMACLIM models have been developed at CIRED since the 1990’s under Jean-Charles Hourcade‘s scientific supervision. They currently exist in 3 versions :
- A static version, IMACLIM-S, is mostly applied at a national level to produce counterfactual analyses of environmental fiscal reforms at some historical or projected temporal horizon.
- A dynamic, recursive version, IMACLIM-R, articulates growth trajectories for 12 world regions, based on a back-and-forth dialogue between a succession of static macroeconomic equilibria akin to those of IMACLIM-S, and a set of sectoral modules framing the evolution of explicit energy
supply and demand technologies.
- A prospective version, IMACLIM-P, quite similar to IMACLIM-S, computes the equilibrium consequences of targeted parameters changes between one historical year and a mid- to longterm future (rather than between two counterfactual equilibria at a single year, as IMACLIM-S).
This descriptive of IMACLIM-P 3.4 massively draws on that of IMACLIM-S 2.3, from which the model directly derives. It thus benefits from contributions by Camille Thubin and Emmanuel Combet (cf. Ghersi et al., 2011).

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