A New Ceiling for Oil Prices

A New Ceiling for Oil Prices / Anatole Kaletsky, Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of Gavekal Dragonomics and Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Project Syndicate, 14/01/2015


If one number determines the fate of the world economy, it is the price of a barrel of oil. Every global recession since 1970 has been preceded by at least a doubling of the oil price, and every time the oil price has fallen by half and stayed down for six months or so, a major acceleration of global growth has followed…

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Danièle Revel (2015, 14 janvier). A New Ceiling for Oil Prices. Veille énergie climat. Consulté le 20 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/obj9

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