Energy security outlook : Defining a secure and sustainable energy future for India

Energy security outlook : Defining a secure and sustainable energy future for India. New Delhi : The Energy and Resources Institute, 2015, 222 p.

Presentation (© TERI) :

The distinct and diverse energy realities that characterize India necessitate a more detailed examination of the country’s energy situation. A multi-sector and multi-issue analysis that takes cognizance of the tugs and pulls that India’s energy policy is subject to is essential. It is with this objective that the Energy Security Outlook examines issues pertinent to India’s energy security. It takes a multi-dimensional view of energy and energy security in India and aims to touch upon all the key issues facing the country’s energy and development agenda.

Energy decisions and strategies are becoming increasingly more complex because not only does the energy sector and the entire energy cycle have serious impacts on the environment throughout the energy cycle, but even more importantly it has major implications for climate change and how to deal with this challenge. One of the major co-benefits of mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases is the enhancement of energy security, because a move from the use of fossil fuels to higher levels of energy efficiency and greater use of renewable sources certainly contribute to increasing the level of security associated with energy supply.


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