Policy options could increase ambition in the 2015 climate agreement

Policy options could increase ambition in the 2015 climate agreement / Henrik Jepsen. Waterloo : Centre for International Governance Innovation, 8 p. (Policy brief. Fixing climate governance series ; 1/2015)


Presentation (© CIGI) :

Economy-wide targets for emissions reductions will be an indispensable element of a 2015 agreement, but reaching agreement on ambitious targets is notoriously difficult. The agreement needs to include a mechanism that can facilitate and incentivize increased ambition over time. Such a mechanism should focus on high-potential policy options that contribute to the same general goal: climate change mitigation.

Building on ideas by Höhne et al. (2014b), Barrett (2005) and Sebenius (1984), this brief proposes that the parties to the UNFCCC should unbundle the thorny issue of economy-wide targets and establish a process where they can identify and, on a voluntary basis, implement policy options. This could help parties increase ambition over time.

Key Points :

• The 2015 agreement on climate change should include not only economywide emissions reduction targets, but also a common menu of policy options that the parties to the agreement could implement on a voluntary basis.
• Specific options would be defined through a party-driven process and could include options such as renewable energy targets and energy efficiency standards and labelling.
• The menu could help develop a pipeline of funding proposals for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and other institutions that could support developing countries in their implementation of options.
• The menu should be designed as a mechanism to facilitate and incentivize ambition over time, and could either be entirely facilitative

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