Revue des blogs – mercredi 27 mai 2015

Shell can’t afford to wait until 2050 to adapt its business to climate change / Steffen Böhm, Professor in Management and Sustainability, and Director, Essex Sustainability Institute at University of Essex, The Conversation, 26/05/2015

Shell’s recent AGM was tumultuous. Shareholders voted overwhelmingly for the company to report on whether its activities were compatible with promised government action on climate change. The firm’s board reportedly faced a sometimes-hostile barrage of questions about its approach to the environment… lire la suite

Decarbonizing Development to Secure a Sustainable Future, The Energy Collective, 26/05/2015

In this blog post, Marianne Fay, Tamaro Kane, Adrien Vogt-Schilb and Stephane Hallegatte (all part of the Chief Economist’s team in the Climate Change Vice Presidency of the World Bank) look at what it would take to decarbonize the world economy by 2100 in a way that is compatible with countries’ broader development goals… lire la suite

The road to Paris and beyond :  Comparing Emissions Mitigation Efforts / Joseph E. Aldy and William A. Pizer. Resources for the Future, May 2015, 8 p.

As countries announce pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the lead-up to the UN climate change conference this December,  the authors explore which metrics are most appropriate to compare countries’ efforts… lire la suite

Paris 2015: What’s in it for the EU? / Andrei Marcu ; With contributions from Alexandra Deprez, Susanne Dröge, Liz Gallagher, Arthur Gradziuk, Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Spencer, CEPC commentary, 8/05/2015, 7 p.

This commentary reviews the wider context of the forthcoming negotiations on a comprehensive global climate change agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference to take place in Paris in December 2015. It looks not only at the geopolitical shifts that have taken place on the road to Paris, but also at the interests of the EU both as far as its domestic climate policy is concerned, as well as its role as a diplomatic ‘soft power’… lire la suite

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