Revue des blogs – vendredi 29 mai 2015

Quels apports du Japon à la COP 21 ? / Evelyne Dourille-Feer , blog CEPII, 28/05/2015

L’Europe a été déçue de la proposition de réduction des émissions de GES par le Japon dans le cadre de la COP 21 : – 25,4 % entre 2005 et 2030. Le Japon pourrait néanmoins contribuer à faire avancer le dossier climat par ses technologies et des expériences originales… lire la suite

Crude Oil Prices, Climate Change, and Global Welfare / Robert Stavins, An economic view of the environment, 27/05/2015

A few weeks ago, I participated in a panel session titled, “The Remarkable Transformation of the Energy Sector: Does it Also Transform Our World.” The motivating question was: “Is the dramatic decline in oil prices a complete gift to the West because of the enormous funds being saved, or is it an unintended Trojan horse because development of renewable energy as well as new fossil-fuel sources will decline in the West, posing longer new challenges?”… lire la suite

Russia’s Gazprom is Top of Its Energy Industry Class, but Not in a Good Way / Roman Kilisek, Global Energy & Natural Resources Analyst, Breaking Energy, 27/05/2015

A new Thomson Reuters/BSD Consulting “Global 500 Greenhouse Gas Report: The Fossil Fuel Energy Sector” shows that energy companies emitted 31 per cent of total GHG emissions globally from their operations as well as the use of the products further down the value chain on an annual basis. As the title of this study indicates, the focus was solely on energy companies from a set of the 500 largest companies in the world… lire la suite

How one climate-conscious investor engages with fossil fuel companies, Development in a changing climate, 28/05/2015

Peter Damgaard Jensen is the CEO of Pensionskassernes Administration A/S, a Danish investment manager with a portfolio that includes pension funds. He spoke at the World Bank Group about carbon pricing and engaging with fossil fuel companies to reduce climate risks… lire la suite

Step-by-step: How to construct an emissions reporting system, Development in a changing climate, 27/05/2015

In preparing for a climate agreement in Paris, countries all over the world are planning their domestic strategies for cutting emissions. This often requires new policies to create incentives for low-carbon development, and for that, governments need accurate and comprehensive emissions data… lire la suite

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