A new global agreement can catalyze climate action in Latin America

A new global agreement can catalyze climate action in Latin America / Guy Edwards, Timmons Roberts, Monica Araya and Cristián Retamal. Washington DC : Brookings Institution, May 2015, 37 p.


Presentation (© Brookings) :

This paper aims to better understand the link between Latin American countries’ proposed climate actions before 2020 and their post-2020 targets under a Paris agreement. We look at why Latin American climate policies and pledges merit attention, and review how Latin American nations are preparing their INDCs. We then examine the context in which five Latin American nations (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, and Venezuela) are developing their INDCs—what pledges and efforts have already been made and what this context tells us about the likely success of the INDCs. In doing so, we focus on flagship national policies in the areas of energy, forests, cities, and transportation. We address what factors are likely to increase or restrain efforts on climate policy in the region this decade and the next… read more



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