Revue des blogs climat énergie – lundi 15 juin 2015

The Climate Categorical Imperative / Desmond Tutu & Trevor Manuel, Project syndicate, 12/06/2015

Nowadays, people are too often forced to choose between doing what is morally right and doing what is economically beneficial. Indeed, their options sometimes appear to be mutually exclusive, making the decision of which path to take exceedingly challenging. Sometimes, however, moral rectitude and economic interest merge, presenting an opportunity that must not be missed. That is the case – from the perspectives of this Archbishop and former finance minister – with the world’s response to climate change… lire la suite

The Muddled Case for Trade Agreements / Dani Rodrik, Project syndicate, 11/06/2015

With global trade negotiations deadlocked for years, regional agreements – long a dormant route to trade liberalization – are back with a vengeance. The United States is at the center of two mega-deals that could shape the future path of world trade… lire la suite

Paris Climat 2015 : l’état d’esprit dans les coulisses de la mobilisation climatique à 6 mois de la COP21 / Thibault Laconde, Energie & développement, 15/06/2015

Depuis le début de l’année, j’ai observé presque à temps plein les préparatifs de la 21e conférence de l’ONU sur le changement climatique (alias COP21). En 6 mois, la mobilisation a grandi, quelques gros événements (notamment le Business & Climate Summit) ont attiré l’attention des médias, tirant la la COP21 de l’indifférence qu’elle inspirait encore largement fin 2014… lire la suite

The 2015 World Gas Conference in Paris / , PlanetPolicy, 12/06/2015

.. lire la suite

Making sense of two weeks of climate negotiations in Bonn / , PlanetPolicy, 12/06/2015

With hundreds of negotiators and observers from around the world on their annual pilgrimage to Bonn, Germany for the climate “intersessional,” the crisp June air along the Rhine river and the bountiful rose gardens in the front yards make the common refrain among the talks ring true: “It’s beautiful, but it’s boring”… lire la suite

Review and regular contributions in the 2015 agreement: what does new data show? / Thomas Spencer, Climate 365, Iddri, 12/06/2015

At the climate talks in Bonn, countries were discussing, among other issues, the timeframe and dynamic implementation of the new climate agreement. Many countries are for a system of periodic review of progress, leading to new, strengthened contributions. Other countries are more reluctant about this idea, and would prefer an agreement with a limited and static lifespan, i.e. to 2030. In which case, in this view, there would not be need for regular contributions… lire la suite

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