Renewable Energies and European Landscapes : Lessons from Southern European Cases

Renewable Energies and European Landscapes : Lessons from Southern European Cases / ed. by Marina Frolova, María-José Prados & Alain Nadaï. Springer, 2015 – ISBN 978-94-017-9843-3

Présentation de l’ouvrage (© Springer) :

This book provides timely, multidisciplinary cross-national comparison of the institutional and social processes through which renewable energy landscapes have emerged in Southern Europe. On the basis of case studies in these countries, it analyzes the way in which and the extent to which the development of renewable energies has affected landscape forms and whether or not it has contributed to a reformulation of landscape practices and values in these countries. Landscape is conceived broadly, as a material, social, political and historical process embedded into the local realm, going beyond aesthetic.

The case studies analyze renewable energy landscapes in Southern Europe on different political and geographical scales and compare different types of renewable energy such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass power. The contributors are leading experts from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. The book is intended for researchers, graduate students and professionals interested in geography, landscape and planning.

Table des matières :

  • Emerging Renewable Energy Landscapes in Southern European Countries / Frolova, Marina (et al.)
  • Landscapes of Energies, a Perspective on the Energy Transition / Nadaï, Alain (et al.)
  • A Country of Windmills / Baraja-Rodríguez, Eugenio (et al.)
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power in Spain / Mérida-Rodríguez, Matías (et al.)
  • Wind Power Landscapes in France: Landscape and Energy Decentralization / Labussière, Olivier (et al.
  • Looking Beneath the Landscape of Carbon Neutrality / Ferrario, Viviana (et al.
  • The Evolution of Renewable Landscapes in Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain) / Frolova, Marina (et al.
  • The Nature of Resources / Briffaud, Serge (et al.
  • Hydropower Exploitation in the Piave River Basin (Italian Eastern Alps) / Ferrario, Viviana (et al.
  • Wind Power and Environmental Policies / Afonso, Ana Isabel (et al.)
  • Of Other (Energy) Spaces / Perrotti, Daniela
  • Wind Energy and Natural Parks in European Countries (Spain, France and Germany) / Deshaies, Michel (et al.
  • Solar Thermoelectric Power Landscapes in Spain / Andrés-Ruiz, Carles (et al.)
  • The Production of Solar Photovoltaic Power and Its Landscape Dimension / Mérida-Rodríguez, Matías (et al.)
  • GIS, Territory, and Landscape in Renewable Energy Management in Spain / Díaz-Cuevas, Pilar (et al.)



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